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Two months and brand new PC is still in repair!

Bestell-/Kundennummer: 900297932

We have bought a new expensive MSI gaming Desktop from MediaMarkt in Austria, Vienna.


From the first moment we got it, there was a defect in the VGA card. It started with a small white pixel on the screen. At first we thought that the screen itself had an issue, but within a couple of months, the problem increased and the pixel dot developed to more dots. We asked around and found out that this can only happen from a defective VGA card and that was the case.

From 15.06.21 so around five months after we got the desktop, the desktop is being sent back and forth for repair.

The first time it was sent, we received the desktop three weeks later with a new VGA card installed. But after a couple of days trying to use it, there was a problem with the graphics card. None of the games were working, only very simple games that could work on any normal computer were working! Why did we buy a very expensive gaming desktop then?

So again, we took it to Mediamarkt and expressed our dismay, so they sent it back for repair. After five weeks, we received the desktop and barely had it for a few minutes. Because, as we plugged it in to try it, we found that the desktop was making a very loud noise from the cooling fans of the water cooling system! This PC is expensive because it is very quiet, and now it was not working properly at all! So this situation was getting worse.

We asked the Mediamarkt Service employee to exchange the PC for us or refund us as these problems were not going to end! He said they need to examine it first and then they will let us know what they decide, to exchange it or to refund us. And he said this new problem is probably caused by the post office not handelling the package well! I don't believe it!

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But after waiting for two weeks, we get a Cost estimate for repair! So neither our Money back nor a new replacement PC, but a Kostenvoranschlag? For a guaranteed product and for a problem that we ourselves have not caused?

What drove us even more angry was the fact that this cost estimate came in due to a "mistake", the Mediamarkt repairservice personel explained that they have written the E-Mail to MSI in a wrong way and so the guarantee did not cover the repair cost! So we refused the cost and they never repaired the PC and they asked us to come pick it up!

And when we went to speak to them we asked that they give us a new PC instead, but they said it is not possible because this one went for repair many times and had a cost estimate bill too! And that they can do nothing to help me but to try and send it back for repair! Mind blowing and not acceptable at all!

And now they resend it to repair! So, we have paid 1700 Euro for a desktop that we never use or see at home!

We are truly unhappy and upset. We have been loyal customers for very long and have always expected that Mediamarkt will give us the service we need! But now we are told by the service personel to go and fight with the MSI Computer company and not with them! I have bought my PC and paid to Mediamarkt and now they ask me to go myself and fight for my rights with the MSI PC company! This is too much!

If this issue is not resolved in a week, I surely will fight, but with Mediamarkt and through court!

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Meine Forderung an Media Markt Österreich: New PC or total refund.

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12.08.2021 | 15:40
Firmen-Antwort von: Media Markt Österreich
Abteilung: Social Media Team

Dear Customer! We are very sorry that you have experienced such inconvenience. Please tell us in which store you bought the Desktop and send us your invoice number. We will then forward the case immediately and will endeavour to find a solution for you quickly! With kind regards, your MediaMarkt Team

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19.08.2021 | 00:02
von El Khatib noch nicht gelöste Beschwerde | Regelverstoß melden
Please, how do I contact the management? And where can I send the receipt and information? Is there am E-Mail address, a telephone number or any other way?

19.08.2021 | 16:15
von MediaMarkt Österreich

Dear Customer! We spoke to the responsible colleagues and they are already taking care of your concerns. We would ask you to clarify everything else directly with your contact person in the responsible market. We apologize for any inconvenience. Sincerely, Your MediaMarkt team

23.08.2021 | 09:50
von El Khatib noch nicht gelöste Beschwerde | Regelverstoß melden
Ich habe die ReclaBox-Rückfrage nach dem Status der Beschwerde wie folgt beantwortet:

Beschwerde ist noch nicht gelöst

23.08.2021 | 12:11
von MediaMarkt Österreich

Dear customer! Unfortunately, we can only refer you to our customer service here, you can reach them at: kundenservice spider monkey mediamarkt.at or 01/54 6 99.
According to the colleagues in the market, they are already in contact with you regarding the case. Unfortunately, we can only refer you to these two contact options at this point. Greetings from your MediaMarkt team

30.08.2021 | 14:16
von El Khatib noch nicht gelöste Beschwerde | Regelverstoß melden
I received a cost estimate E-Mail "Kostvoranschlag" and I received another E-Mail directly after this, it said that I have given my answer for the cost estimate E-Mail! But I did not do it and I did not sign the paper. Then I received a message on my Handy that the PC is being repaired.
I don't know what is happening and I tried to reach anyone from management and got no answer about the situation.
If the device is actually being repaired, I hope that I will not be given the Bill to be paid and I hope that the PC is actually working without more defects and problems. I still am not satisfied, because I paid for a new gaming PC and got a defect one which stays at repair service! I feel like I have no rights in the sales contract and no way to fix this.

06.09.2021 | 13:57
von El Khatib gelöste Beschwerde | Regelverstoß melden
The Desktop was repaired for a third time now, and Mediamarkt took over the costs of repair. The main manager of Mediamarkt Austria was very helpful and followed up on this issue with everyone. I wish that he would have his contact available on the Mediamarkt homepage for anyone with a big problem, like we had.
It did take one month for the PC to be brought back from repairs, but it is working properly.
We hope that this is the end of this sad experience.

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